What is a Micro-Practice?

A Micro-Practice is a physician in their own independent practice without the high overhead. A small, lean practice means more time with patients and a better quality of life without sacrificing your income. Parvus in Latin means ‘small’ or ‘minimal’ and that is what can make a medical practice profitable and thrive in the current healthcare environment.

Instead of a large office with many employees and crowded waiting rooms, a physician utilizes one suite containing exam and office areas with shared employees. Each physician is independent yet with pooled resources thus keeping costs very low.

Definition of Micro-Practice

A Micro-Practice is a medical practice without the extensive overhead seen in a traditional large-volume clinic - because staff and common area facilities are shared with other providers.

To keep costs down, the physician is responsible for completing patient intake and screening, medical record entries, and billing.

With such low overhead, a provider need only see a fraction of the patient volume of a traditional practice – leaving more time with the patient. 

Though the provider must perform some of the menial tasks usually left to employees, the trade-off is worth it. Roughly speaking, for every employee one hires it would require you to see approximately 40 patients/month to cover that cost.

To break it down, one goes from an overhead that runs 60 – 70% of collections to 10 – 15% in a micro practice. The difficulty in starting a micro practice is finding the appropriate space; Parvus Medical Suites is your solution!

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