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Parvus Medical Suites designs office spaces to meet the most demanding health provider-patient needs.  We offer beautiful, state-of-the-art furnished medical practice space in Texas at an affordable and flexible rent.  Professionals have the option of choosing no-contract short and long-term leasing for  medical office space in San Antonio near Westover Hills.  More locations in San Antonio coming in the future.
Our office spaces come equipped with state-of-the-art private exam room and basic medical equipment and supplies in addition to other necessary amenities.  That’s why Parvus Medical Suites are perfect for healthcare professionals scaling down their practice or startup practices focusing on San Antonio, one of the most popular cities for Healthcare and Military.
Renting a medical space is a great opportunity for healthcare professionals to keep their overhead cost down and focus their attention on doing what they love, taking care of their patients. Parvus Medical Suites are a perfect choice for:

San Antonio @ Westover Hills

Parvus Medical Suites - San Antonio

11212 Texas 151 Access Road
Plaza 2, Ste 120
San Antonio, TX 78251

The beautiful, traditional office setting your patients expect

At a fraction of traditional overhead costs
Supplied EKG reading

Our Amennities

What’s included:

Private exam/consultation suite

Fully furnished & equipped

Basic medical supplies provided

Shared medical assistant

Shared diagnostic equipment

Building directory listing

Beautiful common areas

Shared waiting room

Shared receptionist

Secure high-speed internet

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