Doing Our Part to Save Primary Care

I am Dr. John Rodriguez MD, Board Certified in Internal Medicine, founder and owner of Parvus Medical Suites. My passion is to see primary, independent practices survive and thrive in the current healthcare environment. Because of excessive medical overhead, starting and maintaining a medical practice is nearly impossible.

We here at Parvus Medical Suites create an environment where having your own practice is not only possible but allows you to deliver the healthcare that is sorely missed. 

We are here to support the quality healthcare that is personal and cost-effective, as well as giving the physician the quality of life he or she deserves.

Primary care is not dead as many believe, but in the right setting it can flourish and become the profession many have sought after. Our goal here at Parvus Medical Suites is to awaken the sleeping giant of primary care medicine.

Contact us and we can explain why leasing a small medical office space through Parvus Medical Suites is the choice for you. 

Owned & operated by a Physician & Respiratory Therapist/IT Professional

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